Alex Morton on Compliance in Network Marketing

One of the most important aspects of building a network marketing business – especially in the days of social media – is compliance. Alex Morton is a millennial MLM leader who has witnessed firsthand the importance of staying compliant in your messaging.

In this engaging interview, Tiffaney Malott and Alex Morton discuss what you need to know to promote your network marketing business while following FTC guidelines.

Alex Morton, a millennial leader who earned huge success in network marketing and real estate, was a 6-figure earner by the age of 21.

Alex was nominated for Distributor of the Year by the Academy of Multi Level Marketing Awards. Other career highlights include a feature in Forbes, Rolling Stone Magazine in 2014, Elite Daily, The Four Year Career, and he was the youngest featured speaker in the history of Eric Worre’s Go Pro Event in Las Vegas.

Alex published his best-selling audiobook, Dorm Room To Millionaire and created The Alex Morton Mindset for those who want to create financial freedom. Alex inspires his followers to create larger goals to achieve greater success. He shares his life experiences – the hard work, the ups and the downs, the builds and the rebuilds. He inspires people from all walks of life to not only prioritize their goals, but to be centered in gratitude.

Alex Morton’s Compliance Tips

In our interview, we asked Alex to share his top tips on staying in compliance, and here’s what he said.

Focus on Giving Value

The other solution for compliance is focus on value and consistency instead of the flash. Because if every guy’s got this little Rolex on his wrist, why are they going to sign up with you versus somebody else?

I teach this at our retreats and in Zoom webinars. “What makes you different?” Millions of people are going to join as a customer in 2021. What’s your X-Factor? Give more value. Talk about investments. Talk about how to save money on taxes. Talk about why network marketing produces more millionaires than any other industry on the planet besides professional athletics.

More likes, more shares… but is it worth it to risk your check and everybody else’s check? The answer’s absolutely not. And listen, it is unfair. I have friends in the insurance industry that post income claims every day. I have friends in real estate that post income claims, “Buy my fix and flip course because I have a Lamborghini,” and I look at them, I’m like, “How can that be okay?”

To where, one tennis chain, I’m getting a screenshot and a notification from the company saying, “Don’t do that.” And again, it may not be fair, but it is what it is. I don’t think people are bad people for wanting to do it. I love nice stuff, but again, is it worth it?

Be Solution-Oriented & Authentic

Go live more, connect with people more, collaborate with people more, post more value, be more consistent. I try to post six days a week. It was Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but now it’s basically six days a week. I write my own captions. I sit there, I take the time. I could pay someone to do it but I don’t because I want to be authentic.

Don’t Add to the Noise & Nonsense

Because of the influence in the world, there’s so much noise. You can smell the nonsense from a mile away. So some solutions are… Listen, I love jewelry. I enjoy diamonds. My mom loves all that stuff. I grew up seeing it. I like nice stuff.

So this is what I do to maintain compliance. We’ll take pictures and one of my creative directors Photoshops chains off my neck. He Photoshops diamonds off of my wrists. So you can still wear the stuff, but you can’t project it to 100 or 100,000 people on social media. So one easy solution is Photoshop.

Whatever you’re posting and talking to them, you’re turning some people on and you’re turning some people off. So, if you want to recruit a bunch of one, twos and threes and fours on the nonsense, you’re going to do that. If you want to attract high level people, I believe they’re getting turned off on some of that stuff. If you’re so good, your reputation and work ethic should proceed you.

So to wrap up on network marketing compliance tips, I would stay away from things that would be construed as enticement. If the average person cannot afford the car, the house, the boat, the jet, or the watches that you own, lease, have, whatever the case may be, try to avoid posting that publicly on social media. You can go out to dinner in Houston or Miami, wherever you want, wear whatever you want, but when you click submit on your phone and it goes to hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, even if you delete it later, the damage has already been done. Just be compliant.

Do More

In terms of finishing 2020 strong, do more. Just do more. And the big word is focus. I always ask people, where’s your focus at right now? Because there are a lot of distractions right now. My mentor, Bob Proctor, he’s an incredible human being, and I asked him, when all this stuff started to happen, “Hey, Bob, what do you think about this stuff going on?”

You know what he said? He said, “I don’t think about it because I can’t control that. I can’t control these politicians. I can’t control what’s going on. All I can control is what’s going on inside of me.”

Your focus is on going out and attracting new customers, going out and attracting new leaders. And for those of the people listening to this right now that are making five, 10, 15, 50, 100 grand a month, go build new organizations, go attract new people. I’m signing up new people where I am today like it’s 2011 again.

You’re not at the point where you can sit back and drink margaritas. You got to go out there and beat the pavement and get into phase one and lead by example. So focus, build new teams, lead by example, and be compliant by giving value, being consistent, and getting away from all the flash and nonsense.

Learn more about Alex Morton at his website. Find more tips on how to put a comma in your check in our Diva 1K Club.

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