Sue Brenchley: Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention

September is Suicide Prevention Month and Sue Brenchley is sharing the heartbreaking story of how she lost her son to suicide, as well as the hope she found through the aftermath.

It’s been a year this month since a knock on the door changed my life forever. It was a visit that I didn’t expect and couldn’t have prepared for: an officer delivering the devastating news that my son was dead.

The scream, the reality, the pain, just trying to breathe! I knew his struggle and lived it with him while searching everywhere for a solution. 36 hours before that knock, our conversation was full of gratitude and love, ending with our final exchange: “I’m so proud of you.”“I’m so grateful you’re my mom.”

Over the next week, the reality set in as final arrangements were made and our goodbyes were said.

Now what?

Where do I go from here?

What are the lessons I will learn?

What purpose will I find for something that is so painful?

One year later, though there have been tears and difficult days, I have found peace. I have received so many blessings along this difficult path, as well as the knowledge that there is a plan for each of us, even in the darkest moments of our lives.

My son’s suicide has brought awareness to struggles that are evident everywhere and yet so hidden to most. Our silent struggle had been hidden from the world around us – as was evident by the resounding voices saying, “I had no idea!” or just saying nothing at all. It’s certainly an uncomfortable subject, but it’s time to talk openly and honestly. The group of people maneuvering these daunting challenges could benefit from some basic kindness.

Let’s talk about it.

September is Suicide Awareness month, so I invite you to take advantage of learning how to recognize the signs and connect on a more personal level with those you know that may be at risk.

My son and I were able to seek and fight for solutions his entire life due to our strong connection. Diagnosed bipolar at age five and suffering a traumatic brain injury at age 16, these events created major challenges that took his joy and ultimately his life. Now, he is free to progress without the pain and struggle that were his constant companions in this life. And I am choosing to take the lessons I have learned and find a way to help others.

Because of being involved in network marketing as my profession, this experience was different for me than most. Basic needs that become stumbling blocks for those facing a medical crisis – particularly those that result in death – were taken care of in amazing ways.

The first blessing was the team of friends who stepped up to manage the day-to-day details of my business. This was followed by an outpouring of well-wishes and prayers on behalf of me and my family from a network of people around the world.

We were allowed enough time to mourn. My residual income continued without disruption and was why we could sign the check for his service without any worry.

How grateful I am that someone shared an opportunity with me so many years ago that provided the time, financial freedom, and friends we so desperately needed during this painful period. My network marketing business has also allowed me to make an ongoing impact through a project in my son’s honor.

Through my company’s partnership with Operation Underground Railroad, my son’s story and legacy will make a difference for many in the world whose basic human rights have been violated. We aim to bring awareness to both Suicide Prevention and Human Trafficking. Please help me spread the word and join me in a mission of making a difference for those who cannot help themselves.

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