From Self Sabotaging to Self Creating

By: Lindsay Walters

    This year could have given you many reasons for setbacks, or many reasons for breakthroughs, either one, really. The fact of the matter is, you are the only person in control of which of those roads you travel. I came into 2020 a new mom on food stamps, behind on just about every bill, with debt collectors calling me daily. I remember holding my daughter the night before I was set to head back to work from maternity leave, watching her sleep ever so peacefully, with that beautiful, subtle smile on her face as tears rolled down my own. 


“How did I get here?!” 


“I can’t let this be the life we have…”


Fast forward to March of 2020, and the world shut down. I lost my job, and at that moment, I knew this was my chance, my opportunity to rewrite my story. Where some may have fallen, I chose to rise. I dug deep into personal development, deep into my work. I followed all the words of wisdom I could consume. I took many steps closer to those that I aspired to be, willing to learn and grow. I let go of those holding me back or keeping me down. I showed up, and I continue to show up every single day. “But, why?” you may ask. Well, let’s think of the alternative.

What happens if you don’t show up? 


Who wins if you quit? 


Not you, and surely not all those people out there waiting for your help, your guidance, and even your inspiring story to give them the little push they need to believe that they can do this too.  The start to changing your life is making the decision to and setting aside the time. Remember, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and we are in control of how we spend it. So get that calendar out and fill those pages the time frames where you will commit to a task, and watch how you begin to realize you have more time than you thought. Success leaves clues in its wake, and they are all around you. It may take multiple instances of hearing the same things until it clicks for you. Here is a way to start your day out right, and incorporate these things that you may have heard before into a system that you can use to change your mindset: The Miracle Morning. 


The Miracle Morning has been a game-changer for me and my business. It reset my mindset and set me up for success each day. To be honest, I was extremely stubborn about doing these sort of things until failing was no longer an option. Don’t wait until you have to make a change, because it’s a mistake you don’t have to make. Look ahead, and start this process right now.

Miracle Morning

Step 1: You’ve got to wake up, and make that bed! Do not put it off until later. Those emails, messages, and documents? They can wait for a bit longer.

Step 2: Head to a quiet comfortable place and listen to a guided meditation or something motivational for at least ten minutes. Something to relax the mind and kickstart your positive thought process.

Step 3: Directly after, while that positive energy is still high, get a notebook and start writing all the things you are grateful for. Showing gratitude is the first step into reprogramming your mind. How can you expect to add more into your life if you do not show appreciation for the life you have now?  Try to feel it. Try to believe it.

Step 4: End your morning routine with a few affirmations. Change those limiting beliefs into positive ones, then write them, say them, or even yell them at yourself in a mirror if you have to. Manifest, manifest, manifest.

Remember you are no different than me or anyone else that has done the things you desire to accomplish. Those who have achieved their goals never give up on themselves, their dreams, or their desires. A thing is just a thing until you yourself give it meaning. I’ll say that again. A thing is just a thing until you yourself give it meaning. Just like you are what you are until you rewire your brain.  

2020 has come to a close, and so many of us have been tested beyond belief. Remember, just because January 1st  has come and gone, and maybe, your resolutions as well, it’s not too late. You can start now. You can start today, and get your goals on track. Remember, the only person stopping you from a better life is you!

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