By: Tiffaney Beverly

They didn’t support me, but they were always there for me.

Happy National Sibling Day!

These are my siblings.

When I started #networkmarketing they weren’t excited about it, and they didn’t understand why exactly I was excited either. They didn’t jump to buy my products or join my team, and rather, made the occasional joke and objection.

In the beginning, I thought they were unsupportive. I was told they were dream stealers and naysayers, but, none of that was true, and those beliefs couldn’t be any more wrong.

Here is the truth:

  • They had seen me start and stop things before.
  • They didn’t always agree with me in our childhood. I understand this was no different.
  • They always had jokes. I mean, look at me in this shot. (Goofy smile and glasses) Don’t tell me you didn’t think of a joke or two.
    No, they didn’t join or agree with my business at the start. But as I stayed consistent, they became more supportive. They didn’t wait until I was a millionaire. They supported me through the first year. They became customers. They referred customers. They even eventually joined my team.

Most importantly, they told me I could do it, and they gave encouragement, assuring me that I could be the best. The people I was looking up to would one day look up to me, and all of that came true.

They were there for me when I got married, when I had my daughter, when I joined a new company, and when I went through my divorce. They never left my side. They were always there for me.

I want anyone who thinks that friends or family who don’t join you in your #directsales business are unsupportive, to challenge your mind, and reframe your thought process.

Try to think like this:

  • They are human.
  • They have a right to do what they want.
  • I’m not entitled to their support just because we are related or close.
  • Starting my business was my decision, not theirs. I need to earn their respect and trust, just like I’m willing to do for people who aren’t close to me.
  • They have a vision for their life, and it’s okay if my business isn’t a part of it. I’m still going to tell them about it.

I know this isn’t the normal conversation in this profession about friends and family, but I believe it needs to be the new conversation. Think about it, not just for me, but for them, and for you.

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